A Distributed
File System
For Cloud Scale

The Elastifile Cloud File System™ presents unified data
management for file and object storage, enabling
seamless integration of cloud resources.

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Cloud-Scale Distributed Architecture

Elastifile delivers software-defined data management infrastructure designed for seamless and efficient management of dynamic, cloud-integrated workflows. Elastifile provides the architecture needed to expand and accelerate your IT infrastructure, by facilitating efficient data access in the cloud and across hybrid cloud boundaries.


Designed For Scale

Go big or go home. Efficient scalability is essential to supporting large cloud and/or hybrid deployments. To achieve this, Elastifile was designed to avoid traditional storage bottlenecks and deliver seamless expansion to 1000s of nodes. Its fully distributed metadata model, supported by dynamic fine-grained data ownership and a high-performance consensus algorithm, delivers linearly scalable performance while maintaining strict consistency at scale.


Designed for Noisy, Heterogeneous Environments

Stuff happens. At scale, unexpected issues will inevitably arise. Networks slow down and hardware fails. To make matters worse, many environments, particularly in the cloud, employ a broad mix of hardware, knowable only as abstract virtual servers. To cope with these noisy, heterogeneous, real-world environments, Elastifile makes real-time adjustments based on the availability and performance of the underlying infrastructure. Data placement and retrieval is dynamically managed to optimize performance, while maintaining consistency and high availability.


Designed For Flash

The era of flash is upon us. Dramatic improvements in affordability, raw performance, and accessibility have made flash the clear choice for enterprise primary storage. However, effectively capitalizing on flash’s potential requires a modern, purpose-built storage architecture. Elastifile was designed for flash from the ground up, with none of the traditional shortcuts and inefficiencies that hinder traditional storage solutions. By maximizing flash performance and endurance, Elastifile delivers efficient, cost-effective support of performance-sensitive, mission-critical workloads.


Designed For Self Service

Applications care about data, not storage. That realization is crucial to the design and delivery of effective, self service solutions. To manage data efficiently while delivering self-service, a file system is the optimal solution. Files deliver the metadata context required to make intelligent, automated, storage-level decisions, while also remaining accessible to both applications and end-users. Elastifile's high-performance file system ensures data is directly, easily, and rapidly available to the workflows and business processes that need it. Elastifile also enables granular, self-service data monitoring and powerful policy-based control.


“What was really important, of course, was growth, and with Elastifile I can respond extremely easily, because I can simply expand when necessary. With block-based storage that simply wasn’t possible – to expand the box within a short time – and with Elastifile the problem has been removed: I can make performance available within a very short time, more performance that meets needs, in order to keep my customers satisfied."

Robert Steinerberger
System Engineer, eww ITandTEL

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Core Components

Elastifile Cloud File System

The Elastifile Cloud File System (ECFS) is an enterprise-grade, scalable, distributed file system, designed to enable seamless in-cloud and hybrid cloud workflows. ECFS aggregates the storage resources on cloud VMs or bare metal servers and presents them to applications via standard protocols (e.g. NFS) as a POSIX-compliant, unified, shareable namespace. ECFS blends a full suite of enterprise features (e.g. high availability, compression, deduplication, snapshots, etc.) with the ability to deliver consistent, linearly scalable performance.


Elastifile CloudConnect

Elastifile CloudConnect enables a true hybrid cloud experience by delivering efficient, bidirectional data mobility between on-premises and cloud environments. CloudConnect enables the seamless migration of files, directories, or an entire namespace to cloud from any on-premises NAS. When "checked in" to the cloud, data is stored in object buckets, but with all of the file system structure (links, attributes, etc.) embedded. As a result, when data is "checked out" from object into an Elastifile file system running in cloud, all of the original file system integrity and structure is retained.


Elastifile ClearTier

Elastifile’s ClearTier capability allows organizations to flexibly align storage “cost vs performance” ratios to match their dynamic workflow requirements. With ClearTier, the Elastifile file system namespace is seamlessly expanded by tiering data to and from cost-effective object storage. Applications are able to transparently access all data via standard file system protocols (e.g. NFS), with no application refactoring required.


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