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Elastifile’s high-performance, distributed
file system delivers persistent,
scalable, highly available shared access
to business-critical container data.

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Can Data Keep Up?

Many enterprises are turning towards containerization technologies as the preferred method to efficiently support their dynamic business process requirements. Although powerful orchestration tools have emerged to facilitate easy management of containerized applications, data management solutions have lacked corresponding features and flexibility. There are quite a few containerized use cases requiring persistence and they extend across a wide range of businesses. Some examples include:

Data Repositories
for Analytics

Financial analytics “sandboxes” require on-demand access to large amounts of persistent data.


Software development environments need to both share (e.g., stable source code) and isolate (e.g., code under development) persistent data.

User Data

Service provider infrastructure must persist and manage large amounts of user-generated content, such as photo and video.

Enterprise Applications

Many traditional applications (e.g., relational databases), rely on persistence for their core functionality.

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Resilient, Scalable, And Accessible
Containerized Infrastructure

Efficient Scaling Of Applications And Data

Elastifile allows containerized infrastructure to scale efficiently with business needs. As new containers are created, each can be assigned an isolated “sandbox” of secure, persistent storage. Data will be globally deduplicated to optimize capacity utilization. Also, since Elastifile supports “hot” node addition/removal and scales performance linearly, containerized infrastructure can be elastically expanded to meet dynamic performance and capacity requirements.


Instant Containerized Data Synchronization

Elastifile enables containerized applications to share a single namespace, facilitating instantaneous updates and synchronization. When authorized applications write to the namespace (for example, when pushing source code releases for DevOps), all other applications have real-time visibility and access to the updated data.


Insulate Operations From Hardware Failures

Elastifile’s distributed architecture ensures resilience against storage device and/or node failures. When hardware fails, the associated containers can be instantly restarted on a different Elastifile node with no data loss and with no interruption to critical business operations.


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