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Rendering with Elastifile on Google Cloud – We show you how to do it!

Back in October 2018, we discussed why bursting on-premises rendering jobs to the Public Cloud is the perfect solution for meeting tight content delivery deadlines. The Public Cloud offers amazing performance, scale, and flexibility. For example, you can build render server instances on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), transfer rendering projects to GCP, render, scale (if needed), and delete the GCP environment once finished…then repeat on demand, when desired for future bursts.

That said, we sometimes hear the concern, “Sounds great, but I bet it’s fairly difficult to set up in the real world”. As a result, we decided to demonstrate the process to show how easy it is and to provide you with a simple “how to” reference. The detailed tutorial video below walks through the setup and execution of a cloud-integrated render job, in an easy-to-follow step-by-step fashion…thus allowing you to follow along and try it yourself. Enjoy!

To provide feedback or ask questions regarding the tutorial, please reach out to us at info@elastifile.com.

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