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File Storage
Made For The Cloud

Elastifile was purpose-built to meet the needs of enterprise organizations in the cloud era.

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Elastifile Overview

Elastifile's cloud-native file storage helps organizations adapt and accelerate their business in the cloud era. Powered by a scalable, enterprise-grade distributed file system with intelligent object tiering, Elastifile augments existing public cloud services with a scalable, POSIX-compliant NAS, facilitating frictionless cloud adoption. With Elastifile, organizations enjoy low-touch file storage services, or deploy and manage cloud-native file storage themselves, eliminating the need for manual storage management and IT forecasting. Elastifile's unique combination of features and flexibility empowers organizations to seamlessly integrate cloud resources, with no application refactoring… thereby modernizing their infrastructure and achieving IT agility and efficiency goals.

Cost Performance

Manage Storage Cost To Match Business Need

Elastifile empowers organizations to reap the application compatibility and workflow acceleration benefits of a scalable, high-performance NAS in cloud, while simultaneously securing the dramatic cost savings delivered by object storage. This powerful combination provides flexibility to keep infrastructure costs in close alignment with business needs.

Workload Icon

Any Workload. Bring It On!

Elastifile delivers the performance, consistency, and elastic scalability necessary to support the broad spectrum of enterprise workloads. Designed to support mixed workloads while meeting the needs of challenging hybrid cloud environments – with their many apps, many users, and many files – Elastifile eliminates the need for siloed, workload-specific storage solutions.


Cloud-Native. Software Only. Any Zone. Any Region.

Elastifile is designed to simplify enterprise cloud integration and leverages cloud-native management, UI, and billing, providing a seamless user experience. The software-only architecture has no reliance on proprietary storage hardware and delivers seamless cloud support for any zone and any region.


'No Compromise' Linearly Scalable Performance

Elastifile storage clusters can be easily expanded to incorporate additional resources and/or service more applications and users. As cluster sizes expand, performance scales linearly to coincide with the added resources, delivering a reliable, highly flexible, cost-effective data management platform.

Core Components

Elastifile Cloud File System

The Elastifile Cloud File System (ECFS) is an enterprise-grade, scalable, distributed file system, designed to enable seamless in-cloud and hybrid cloud workflows. ECFS aggregates the storage resources on cloud VMs or bare metal servers and presents them to applications via standard protocols (e.g. NFS) as a POSIX-compliant, unified, shareable namespace. ECFS blends a full suite of enterprise features (e.g. high availability, compression, deduplication, snapshots, etc.) with the ability to deliver consistent, linearly scalable performance.


Elastifile CloudConnect

Elastifile CloudConnect enables a true hybrid cloud experience by delivering efficient, bidirectional data mobility between on-premises and cloud environments. CloudConnect enables the seamless migration of files, directories, or an entire namespace to cloud from any on-premises NAS. When "checked in" to the cloud, data is stored in object buckets, but with all of the file system structure (links, attributes, etc.) embedded. As a result, when data is "checked out" from object into an Elastifile file system running in cloud, all of the original file system integrity and structure is retained.


Elastifile ClearTier

Elastifile’s ClearTier capability allows organizations to flexibly align storage “cost vs performance” ratios to match their dynamic workflow requirements. With ClearTier, the Elastifile file system namespace is seamlessly expanded by tiering data to and from cost-effective object storage. Applications are able to transparently access all data via standard file system protocols (e.g. NFS), with no application refactoring required.


Simplify Cloud Data Management

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