Elastifile Delivers Scalable, Enterprise-Grade NFS File Services Through Google Cloud Launcher

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 3, 2018 – Elastifile, the enterprise hybrid cloud data management company, today announced its availability on Google Cloud Launcher, providing customers with the ability to deploy scalable, enterprise-grade, high-performance NFS file services on Google Cloud Platform with just a few clicks.

Google Cloud Launcher allows users to quickly deploy functional software on Google Cloud Platform with no manual configuration required.  Elastifile’s validated compatibility for use with Google Compute Engine and integration with Google Cloud Launcher delivers an easy path to cloud-based and hybrid cloud workflows.

As a member of the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program, Elastifile is already helping organizations leverage Google Cloud Platform to expand and accelerate their workflows.

“To improve our data-intensive drug discovery workflows, we needed a scalable, high-performance IT infrastructure solution,” said Woody Sherman, Chief Science Officer of Silicon Therapeutics.  “By leveraging Elastifile to burst our workloads to Google Cloud Platform, we gained elastic access to cloud-based resources and specialized services…enabling us to drastically reduce our IT management overhead and minimize our workflow ‘time-to-result’.”

Availability through Google Cloud Launcher further enhances the joint solution by enabling easy, push-button deployment, scaling, and tear-down of shared NFS file services in the cloud.  This flexibility allows users to satisfy the dynamic capacity and performance requirements generated by bursty or unpredictable workloads, while still minimizing infrastructure costs.

“At Elastifile we’re passionate about helping enterprises leverage the public cloud effectively, and our inclusion on Google Cloud Launcher is a key enabler for that mission,” said Amir Aharoni, CEO and co-founder of Elastifile. “By further simplifying the deployment, scaling, and management of cloud-based data infrastructure, we’ve delivered a complete, cost-effective solution that eases cloud integration and adds crucial value for a wide variety of use cases.”

Powered by a dynamically scalable, distributed file system with intelligent object tiering, Elastifile delivers cost-effective, high-performance parallel access to global data via POSIX-compliant, NFS file services. The combination of Elastifile and Google Cloud Platform enables existing file-based applications and workflows to dynamically leverage cloud resources with no refactoring required, and while still retaining the benefits of enterprise data services. Elastifile also integrates seamlessly with Kubernetes, enabling data persistence and sharing across containerized environments.

In addition, Elastifile’s CloudConnect capability facilitates cost-effective data mobility and management. When leveraged to create a bidirectional data flow between on-premises environments and Google Cloud Platform, CloudConnect enables highly efficient hybrid cloud solutions. When leveraged in the cloud, CloudConnect enables cost-optimized, dynamic data tiering between an Elastifile file system and Google Cloud Storage, thus allowing data to reside in the most efficient, cost-effective location at all times.

To learn more, or to deploy Elastifile on Google Cloud Launcher, please visit https://www.elastifile.com/google-cloud-platform.  Additional information about Elastifile is available at https://www.elastifile.com


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