Elastifile Awarded U.S. Patent for Adaptive, Cloud-Scale Data Management Techniques

SANTA CLARA, Calif., November 3, 2016 — Elastifile, the enterprise hybrid cloud data infrastructure company, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has formally recognized the innovation powering its revolutionary distributed storage platform by awarding the company its latest patent for its highly efficient method for adaptively storing data under the diverse and dynamic conditions experienced in cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

U.S. Patent No. 9,465,558 covers a method for collaborative data storage when running on multiple interconnected nodes. This method is essential to enable efficient, distributed storage across full-mesh clustered architectures in which all nodes interact with one another across multiple sites and clouds, in complex or constantly varying network conditions, and/or at a scale that may encompass thousands of diverse configurations.  The method was designed to be utilized within a distributed file system, but can also be adapted to various other applications, including databases.

“One of the greatest challenges for private and hybrid cloud data services has been ensuring consistent performance for distributed data writing, especially due to noisy and mixed environments,” said Ezra Hoch, chief architect at Elastifile. “Our patented approach adaptively and efficiently manages how and where data is written, mitigating the constantly changing conditions—at cloud scale.”

The awarded patent validates the unique architectural approach driving Elastifile’s scale-out, flash-native, software-only solution, which creates a single global namespace across all sites and all workloads. Elastifile’s distributed storage platform is the first of its kind, and combines full-featured enterprise file and object capabilities with linearly scalable performance, interface flexibility, precision analytics, and robust management and quality-of-service controls. Elastifile’s unique architecture provides the seamless scalability and elasticity required to support on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments.

“To build the next great enterprise IT solution, we need to vastly improve upon what has been done before or create an entirely new way of doing things,” said Amir Aharoni, CEO and co-founder of Elastifile.  “For organizations that have had to compromise with restrictive, legacy approaches to storage, we offer the freedom to leverage data services and self-service workflows across all your sites and clouds.  This patent award showcases one of the many innovations that our team has integrated as we deliver true, enterprise-class hybrid cloud solutions.”