Elastifile Adds Support for Google Cloud Platform to Enable the Most Demanding Enterprise Applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 26, 2017 – Elastifile, the enterprise hybrid cloud data management company, today announced its support for the Google Cloud Platform and that it has joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner program. The new Elastifile distributed file system with cross-cloud data transfer and object tiering delivers consistent scale-out performance to enable enterprise workloads in the public cloud, without refactoring, and with better performance, reliability, and data services than traditional on-premises enterprise storage.

Google Cloud Platform users looking to lift and shift both new and traditional applications, and to more efficiently transfer all associated data, can now deploy Elastifile Cloud File System with its integrated CloudConnect capability. With support on Google Cloud Platform, Elastifile’s cross-cloud data fabric enables space-efficient transfer and storage for object tiers and in-cloud file system workloads. As a full POSIX-compliant file system, applications and stateful containers can be dynamically moved from on-prem to Google Cloud Platform and back, without modifications, and without compromising traditional SLAs. This allows enterprise customers to leverage “Hybrid IT,” unifying all their on-prem and in-cloud data silos, with self-service access across multiple locations and geographies.

“Enterprise IT is under tremendous pressure from their company’s boards and management to implement more dynamic cloud-based infrastructures and business processes that will boost competitive agility and save money,” said Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst at ESG.  “By using public clouds, like Google, these organizations can offload some of their infrastructure burden.  However, there’s a need to dynamically move applications and data to and from the cloud, and for that data to be universally accessible to users and applications.  ”

“Enterprises love the public cloud’s elasticity, simplicity, consumption-based cost alignment and self-service capabilities. But simply moving to ‘The Cloud’ isn’t enough when having to maintain existing business processes as part of this new storage infrastructure,” said Amir Aharoni, CEO and co-founder of Elastifile. “By becoming a member of the Google Cloud Technology Partner program and integrating with the Google Cloud Platform, we are helping organizations with data mobility, legacy application support, and dynamic movement and bursting across silos.”

Additional details about Elastifile’s integration with the Google Cloud Platform are available at https://cloud.google.com/storage/partners