Elastifile delivers fast, parallel data access
to many users, across many files, spanning
massive data sets.

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Putting Data To The Test

Many enterprises struggle to effectively share and manage data to service high-intensity workloads, often involving many parallel users and/or applications. Faced with expanding data scale and increasing performance demands, many organizations find their traditional storage infrastructure has become both crazy expensive and inadequate for their IOPS, bandwidth, and latency needs.

High-Performance, Distributed,
Parallel File Services

Consistent, high-performance data access for the most demanding enterprise workloads.

High IOPS To Serve Many
Users/ Files/ Directories

Many business operations generate numerous small-file transactions that must be rapidly processed in order to service simultaneous applications (e.g., to support multi-tenant hosted infrastructure). Elastifile delivers the parallelism and high, consistent IOPS required to support rapid, randomized reading and writing of many small files.


Consistent, Low Latency For
Real-Time Responsiveness

Many high-performance workflows (e.g., DNA sequencing) demand that data be quickly written and read by high-speed measurement and analysis systems, placing heavy stress on the underlying storage infrastructure. Elastifile provides low-latency, parallel access to centralized data, and delivers the consistent, real-time responsiveness required to service these demanding applications.


High Bandwidth For Large
File Transfers

Often, enterprises need to share large files (e.g., architectural plans or high-resolution video) between servers for parallel evaluation, editing, and processing by multiple teams. Elastifile provides the high, consistent bandwidth required to deliver rapid large-file access to parallel users and applications.


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