Run Legacy Applications
On Modern, Elastic

Elastifile's CloudConnect enables migration of legacy data
from on-premises environments to a seamlessly accessible
cloud-based file system.

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Leveraging The Public Cloud

Data creation is increasing at an unprecedented pace, driving massive storage infrastructure requirements, particularly for enterprise organizations. Maintaining existing data for legacy applications, while adapting to continuous data growth requirements for new, data-hungry applications, results in significant increases in CapEx and OpEx for organizations that are already budget-strapped. Many IT organizations look to the public cloud to offload some of the infrastructure burden. However, the “lift and shift” of applications to the public cloud is not always an easy or efficient task, particularly for legacy applications.


Transferring large amounts of pre-existing user and legacy application data can be complicated and time-consuming. Also, simply storing data as-is (without compression or deduplication) is costly.

Legacy Application

Many critical legacy applications were not designed for the cloud, so running them in a cloud infrastructure is impossible or ineffective. However, re-architecting or moving to SaaS applications is often not a viable option.

Across Silos

When moving to the cloud, IT organizations also seek the ability to more effectively share application data. However, simply migrating siloed applications to the cloud does not address this business goal.

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Dynamic Data Migration
Done Right

Migration concerns are a thing of the past. Elastifile CloudConnect enables the most space-efficient transfer and storage for object tiering and in-cloud workloads, with a unique snapshot-shipping approach that is globally deduped and compressed. And unlike classic object blobs, you can "check in"/
"check out" files and folders in a powerfully granular way.


Run Legacy Apps
In The Cloud

Cloud-based data is accessible via Elastifile's POSIX-compliant file system, enabling legacy applications to run seamlessly in the cloud, with no modifications required. With Elastifile, meeting the most demanding enterprise performance and availability SLAs becomes easy.


Unify Data Silos To A
Single Namespace

Data from multiple on-premises silos can be shifted to a single global namespace in the cloud, making it readily accessible to multiple applications and users. Organizations can more effectively leverage data across multiple locations and geographies, improving business processes.


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