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Introducing Elastifile Cloud File Service

As consumers of data, we expect storage to always be there for us. What a simple goal. Data represents the cornerstone of of so many interactions, projects and achievements. And for most enterprise applications, this means file storage. Frankly, we at Elastifile have long felt that in-cloud file storage was being poorly addressed. Let’s say that you want to shift your rendering workload to public cloud, or even your traditional SAP application…well, prior to Elastifile, you could not find a cloud-native version of the scale-out NAS you’ve relied on in the datacenter. On paper, a few products have claimed to meet the requirements, but when one double-clicks on them, one often finds that they don’t scale beyond a few 10s of TB…or don’t have basic Enterprise features (deduplication, compression, snapshots etc.)…or offer poor performance… AND are very expensive, because they aren’t tailored for the cloud.

So we embarked on a journey to design for the cloud, drastically improving on the market-standard bundles of performance, cost, and features. We started with a deep partnership with Google Cloud, because they share our vision and our commitment to realize it. Google Cloud’s storage building blocks are tremendous assets, and our engineering partnership allowed us to collaboratively define a new standard for in-cloud file storage. Today, in partnership with Google, we’ve achieved a new milestone with the introduction of Elastifile Cloud File Service, a fully-managed file storage service which complements GCE, GKE, GCS, and other Google-native cloud services. Elastifile Cloud File Service is the first fully-managed, scalable, enterprise file storage service for Google Cloud. It builds upon 5 years of R&D effort towards developing our cutting-edge, scale-out NAS software and upon more than 1 year of close collaboration with Google. We’ve also factored in feedback from the dozens of Enterprises who’ve used our self-service Google Marketplace offering over the past 6 months.

We look forward to welcoming you on this new service, helping you shift workloads to Google Cloud without refactoring them, and supporting you with the best bundles of performance, cost, and features in the industry. Starting immediately, users can register for the service’s early access program at https://www.elastifile.com/early-access-gcp.

With Elastifile Cloud File Service deploying and scaling cloud-based file storage is now amazingly simple. Google-native UIs and unified billing provide a seamless user experience, completely consistent with Google’s other service offerings. In addition, users gain flexibility to choose between multiple service classes to select the cost-vs-performance ratio that best meets their needs. A user simply specifies the desired capacity, the desired region, and the desired service class….and we take care of the rest. With scalable enterprise storage made so easy and readily available, we’ve cleared the path for a broad range of enterprise workloads to more easily benefit from cloud resources.

For more on the power of a fully-managed, scalable file service and the use cases it enables, check out the short video below featuring Rich Sanzi (VP, Storage and Compute Engineering, Google) and myself.

The simplicity we’ve delivered with this new service is made possible by deep integration with Google Cloud’s cutting-edge infrastructure. We’ve worked closely with Google to co-engineer a seamless solution that takes full advantage of Google’s world-class security, monitoring, and availability features, while also integrating Elastifle’s leading technology and full suite of enterprise features (e.g. automated tiering between file and object storage, snapshots, multi-zone accessibility). To learn more about our technical collaboration and synergy with Google Cloud infrastructure, check out this short video featuring Dean Hildebrand (Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Google ) and Dave Payne (VP, Alliances, Elastifile).

Finally, Elastifile Cloud File Service provides a strong complement to Google’s other storage services (e.g. Google Cloud Storage, Cloud Filestore) and augments Google’s portfolio with the addition of scalable file storage. Check out the short video below to see what Tad Hunt (Product Manager for Storage @ Google) and Allon Cohen (VP of Business Development and Cloud Solutions @ Elastifile) have to say about the synergy between Google’s pre-existing services and the new offering from Elastifile.

We’re extremely excited to finally share this news and to further simplify cloud IT for our customers and partners, providing them with more freedom to focus on their core businesses. With Elastifile Cloud File Service, the complexity and cost associated with manual storage infrastructure management is now truly a thing of the past.

To learn more about the service classes and pricing offered with the new fully-managed service, please visit our pricing page here for more details. And once again, if simple, scalable, fully-managed cloud file storage sounds like something you or your organization could benefit from, then sign up to try it out at https://www.elastifile.com/early-access-gcp.

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