Scalable File Storage For Hybrid Cloud Workflows

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Bring The Benefits Of Cloud To Your On-Premises Datacenter


With Elastifile, organizations can easily manage and scale data-centric workflows on bare metal on-premises servers. The flexibility provided by Elastifile's software-defined, scalable architecture eliminates the stress and complexity often associated with forecasting, managing, and provisioning hardware-dependant storage appliances.


Elastifile provides the scalability necessary to support dynamic business requirements in the cloud era...both in cloud-only and hybrid cloud implementations. Users can start small and scale storage elastically and on-demand to align capacity, performance, and cost to the real-time needs of their business.

Hybrid Ready

Elastifile is designed and optimized for the scalability and connectivity required by hybrid and multi-cloud workflows. Our software-defined architecture brings elasticity and scalability to local datacenter environments, delivering a flexible, consistent, cloud-native experience on-premises, in the cloud, and spanning both.