High-Performance NAS For Cloud-Integrated Workflows

Want cloud benefits without rewriting apps?

Run existing high-performance workflows on public cloud infrastructure with no changes required.

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Need to keep IT costs under control?

Don’t pay more than you need to. Achieve cloud integration and align costs with true demand.

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Seeking faster results from your critical apps?

Eliminate cloud storage bottlenecks. Minimize “time to result” and maximize “work per unit time”.

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Need to process large data sets in cloud?

Don’t let data volume get you down. Large files? Small files? Many files? No problem.

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Cloud compatibility for high-performance workflows

Elastifile delivers high-performance, NFS file storage in the public cloud. Leverage the scale and performance of cloud infrastructure with no modifications to existing applications, tools, or scripts.

See how CloudConnect enables seamless, cost-effective cloud integration.

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Learn how cloud scalability can reduce costs for high-performance processing jobs.

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Cost-effective cloud integration

Elastifile enables cost-effective cloud-integration. Minimize IT spend with elastic NFS infrastructure and object storage integration.

Faster data processing for shorter “time to result”

Elastifile delivers linearly scalable bandwidth and IOPS, while maintaining consistent low latency. Achieve faster completion times for performance-sensitive workloads.

Learn about Elastifile’s scalable, high-performance architecture

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Scalable, efficient management
of large data sets

Elastifile scales seamlessly to handle the largest data sets. Efficiently process very large files, many small files, and everything in between.

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