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Google Cloud Next ’19:
Elastifile Recap

We had a lot going on at the recent Google Cloud Next ’19 conference! In case you missed any of the action, here’s a quick summary of what we were up to.

Elastifile showcased as a file storage partner for Google Cloud’s Anthos.

Elastifile presented and performed demonstrations in 3x breakout sessions.

Burst Rendering Jobs to GCP at Scale Without Refactoring – Google and Elastifile demonstrate powerful, easy-to-implement workflows to accelerate and simplify media rendering.

HPC Partner Ecosystem – Elastifile and SchedMD demonstrate seamless integration of the SLURM scheduler with Elastifile Cloud File Service, delivering scalable, high-performance HPC workflows. In this session, we show how SLURM+Elastifile enable use of cost-effective preemptible VMs at scale, but without sacrificing workflow reliability.  

Optimizing File Storage for your Use Case – Elastifile demonstrates the simplicity and power of Elastifile Cloud File Service, the first fully-managed, scalable NAS service on Google Cloud. In this session, we highlight the tight integration with Google’s native UI, monitoring, and billing.

Elastifile highlighted by Googlers and customers in 6x additional breakout sessions:

Forbes’ Road to the Cloud – Forbes describes their migration to Google Cloud and highlights their use of Elastifile to deliver cloud-native NFS storage.

Managing a Renderfarm on GCP Using OpenCue – Google demonstrates the new OpenCue solution for managing media render farms, with Elastifile providing scalable, cost-effective storage.

High Performance Computing on GCP: Deploy an HPC Cluster Now – Google highlights solutions for High Performance Computing, including Elastifile as a recommended solution for HPC storage.

CSP (now Anthos) Storage: Seamless Data Management for Kubernetes – Google describes storage solutions for Kubernetes supporting Google Cloud’s Anthos, including Elastifile as a recommended solution for both on-premises and cloud-based deployments.

Technical Deep Dive Into Storage for High Performance Computing – Google dives deep into HPC storage and highlights Elastifile as a recommended solution for scale-out HPC workflows in Google Cloud.

Engineering for the Future: SAP on Google Cloud – Google describes the advantages of bringing SAP workflows to cloud, including Elastifile as a recommended solution for associated storage requirements (e.g. for SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver).

Overall, Elastifile session content demonstrated unique value for a broad range of enterprise use cases including: SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver, Persistent storage for Kubernetes (e.g. for Anthos, GKE on GCP, and GKE On-Prem), Media rendering, Web infrastructure, and HPC.

To try Elastifile yourself, visit Google Cloud Marketplace to access Elastifile Cloud File Service. Fully-managed, scalable cloud file storage is just a few clicks away.

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