Enterprise-Grade, Scalable NAS In The Cloud

Want cloud benefits without rewriting apps?

Deploy your existing applications on public cloud infrastructure with no changes required.

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Need to keep IT costs under control?

Don’t pay more than you need to. Achieve cloud integration and align costs with true demand.

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Trying to simplify global data synchronization and sharing?

Leverage the cloud as a data hub. Efficiently aggregate and distribute data from a universally accessible location

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Want to avoid cloud

Keep your options open. Maintain IT flexibility with multi-cloud connectivity and cross-cloud data portability.

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Cloud compatibility for existing applications

Elastifile delivers enterprise-grade, scalable NFS file storage in the public cloud. Get the reliability and features of an enterprise NAS with no modifications to existing applications, tools, or scripts.

See how CloudConnect enables seamless, cost-effective cloud integration.

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Learn how cloud scalability can reduce IT processing costs.

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Cost-effective cloud integration

Elastifile enables cost-effective cloud-integration. Minimize IT spend with elastic NFS infrastructure and object storage integration.

Global data aggregation, sync,
and sharing

Elastifile can aggregate data from any number of geo-distributed sites or clouds. Simplify data synchronization and coordinate more efficiently between offices and teams.

Freedom of choice

Elastifile enables multi-cloud architectures. Don’t get locked in to any one cloud vendor...maintain flexibility to select and change clouds based on workflow requirements.

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