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Dialing In Cloud Storage “Cost vs. Performance” with Elastifile v3.0 and ClearTier

The enterprise appetite for cloud is rapidly evolving from a focus on SaaS adoption, cross-collaboration, and disaster recovery into a desire to leverage the bleeding-edge and elastic resources offered by Cloud. Cloud is speed, cloud is time-to-market, cloud is flexibility. At Elastifile, we have witnessed this evolution firsthand as we unlock in-cloud file storage with our enterprise-grade cloud data management solutions. Indeed, a vast majority of enterprise workloads still rely on file storage and Elastifile is unique in its ability to deliver a software-defined, cloud-native counterpart to the hardware-centric products that NetApp and Isilon deliver on-premises. And by the way such scale-out persistent storage fits really well newer ways of deploying applications, such containers and Kubernetes. Considering the breadth of workflows requiring scale-out NAS storage in-cloud, it is important to not only lead in terms of performance and features as we do, but to also provide flexibility to strike the appropriate balance between cost and performance.

True to Elastifile’s customer-centric DNA, we’ve taken these evolving needs to heart and are now proud to announce our v3.0 software release, which addresses the broadening scope of cloud-integration requirements by enabling uniquely flexible control over cloud storage costs and performance. Building upon the innovative Elastifile architecture and leveraging our deep expertise in cloud infrastructure and data management, v3.0 introduces Elastifile’s ClearTier capability which blends the best aspects of file storage and object storage… enabling disruptively low costs for cloud file storage, down to as low as $0.03/GB/month.

With ClearTier, file data can be placed in inexpensive object storage while remaining transparently available for standard NFS access through the Elastifile Cloud File System (ECFS), thereby economically expanding the amount of data natively accessible for processing by applications. Data placement is automated via policy-based controls, with no manual user intervention required. Leveraging ClearTier, organizations can enjoy the application compatibility and workflow acceleration benefits of a high-performance NAS in cloud, while simultaneously securing the dramatic cost savings delivered by object storage. This powerful combination enables up to 10X reduction in cloud storage infrastructure costs, when compared to the current $0.30/GB/month market price for scale-out cloud file storage.

To enable these dramatic cost savings, the Elastifile solution now delivers the following key cost and performance optimization options:

  • Data Deduplication and Data Compression features – Advanced data reduction techniques minimize the amount of storage capacity consumed.
  • Choice of physical storage type (e.g. SSD vs HDD) – Enables appropriate balance between “cost vs performance” based on use case requirements. For example, on Google Cloud Platform, users may choose between the following storage options when creating an Elastifile cluster:
      • Local SSDs – The fastest storage type. High-performance, SSD-based, and non-persistent.
      • SSD Persistent Disks – High-performance, SSD-based persistent storage.
      • Standard Persistent Disks – Standard performance, HDD-based persistent storage.
  • Choice of High Availability mode – Aligns data redundancy to match the availability requirements of a customer’s use case. Data is always protected from loss, but can be optionally replicated according to the workflow’s tolerance to temporary downtime (i.e. in the unlikely event of a cloud VM failure) and the number of availability zones spanned. Users can select the high availability mode that matches their need.
  • Automatic data tiering between file and object storage (delivered by ClearTier) – Enables transparent NFS access to data residing on low-cost object storage and automatically moves data between tiers based on data access patterns and user-defined policies.

With the flexibility delivered by these optimization levers, our customers gain even more control over the cost and performance profile of the cloud storage infrastructure. No matter what apps/workflows you want to deploy on AWS or Google Cloud (and soon, Azure), Elastifile has you covered and will support you with cost-effective in-cloud file storage that meets your performance requirements.

At Elastifile, we are hyper-focused on delivering data management solutions that enable seamless, cost-effective enterprise cloud adoption. The release of our v3.0 and the introduction of ClearTier represents a key milestone on our continuing mission to make the cloud more broadly accessible. Now, not only do we deliver best-in-class storage scalability, performance, and enterprise features…we are also disrupting the expectations regarding storage costs and greatly expanding the set of workflows than can be economically addressed in the public cloud. These dramatic improvements are only possible because we design and build for the cloud. Competing products, designed for on-premises data centers, may eventually support in-cloud deployment, but fail to deliver the cost-efficiency of a truly software-defined, cloud-centric solution.

To learn more about v3.0 and ClearTier, you can view our “Intro to v3.0” overview video and read our ClearTier solution brief.

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