Bring Enterprise Workflows To Cloud With Ease

Need enterprise NAS in the public cloud?

NFS file services. POSIX compliance. Enterprise features. Everything you love about NAS...delivered in the cloud.

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Need to run existing apps in the cloud without rewriting them?

Don’t waste time rewriting applications and tools. Run existing workflows on public cloud infrastructure with no changes required.

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Need to escape data gravity?

Maximize efficiency and minimize cost by making sure your data is in right place at the right time.

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Elastifile on Google Cloud Platform

Seamless integration. Massive benefits. Leverage the power of Elastifile on Google Cloud.

Enterprise-grade, scalable file services in the cloud

Elastifile provides the features and functionality expected of enterprise NAS, but delivered in the cloud. Enjoy data compression, deduplication, snapshots and more with the scalable, highly-available Elastifile Cloud File System.

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Cloud compatibility for existing applications

Elastifile delivers POSIX-compliant, NFS file storage in the public cloud. Leverage the scale and performance of cloud infrastructure with no modifications to existing applications, tools, or scripts.

Data mobility in the cloud and across hybrid clouds

Elastifile ensures that data is where you need it, when you need it. Use Elastifile CloudConnect to bring your data to cloud...and to minimize in-cloud infrastructure costs.

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