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Elastifile facilitates seamless aggregation of multi-site data into the cloud,
enabling powerful cloud-based processing and analysis.

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Data Analytics Is Everywhere

Advances in computational speed and the introduction of modern analytic strategies (e.g., the rise of highly parallel, distributed processing) have catalyzed the creation of many powerful analytic tools. Applying those tools to enterprise data sets can yield important insights that inform critical business decisions. Unfortunately, since many enterprises operate across multiple environments, sites, and geographies, their data sets are often isolated within various storage silos, making global analysis very challenging.


Collecting data from multiple sites can require complex coordination between users and/or applications.


Managing cross-site aggregation and analysis can be extremely tedious and delay "time to result".


The fragmented nature of cross-site data makes it difficult to integrate data sources and streams across sites.

Aggregate And Leverage Data In The Cloud
For Integrated Analytics At Any Scale


Today, cross-site analytics often requires complex, time-consuming coordination between sites. Data fragmentation makes it difficult to incorporate all data points.


Elastifile enables the seamless aggregation of cross-site data in the cloud, enabling enterprises to leverage powerful cloud-based analytic tools. The single global namespace provides global visibility to analytic results to all users and apps in all locations.

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