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Burst Data-Centric Workflows To Cloud With Ease

Elastifile provides a simple, end-to-end cloud bursting solution including data storage and data mobility tools.

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Delivering Data Storage And Data Mobility

Elastifile Cloud File System (ECFS) is an enterprise-grade, scalable, distributed file system, designed to enable seamless in-cloud and hybrid cloud workflows. ECFS aggregates the storage resources on cloud VMs or bare metal servers and presents them to applications via standard protocols (e.g. NFS) as a POSIX-compliant namespace. ECFS blends a full suite of enterprise features (e.g. high availability, compression, deduplication, snapshots, etc.) with the ability to deliver consistent, linearly scalable performance.

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Elastifile CloudConnect delivers efficient, bidirectional data mobility between on-premises and cloud environments. CloudConnect enables seamless migration of files, directories, or an entire namespace to cloud from any on-premises NAS. When "checked in" to the cloud, data is stored in object buckets with all of the file system structure (links, attributes, etc.) embedded. When data is "checked out" from object into ECFS on cloud, all of the original file system integrity and structure is retained.

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Cloud Bursting With Kubernetes

Watch the Google Cloud Next '18 video describing (and demonstrating!) cloud bursting for Kubernetes workflows with Elastifile.

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