Flexible, Future-Proofed Cloud Integration

Want to leverage cloud without disruptive IT uplift?

Integrate cloud at your own pace. Keep existing operations running smoothly as you expand IT capabilities

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Trying to calculate cloud-integration ROI?

Don’t guess at the financial impact of cloud integration. Leverage practical approaches to understanding cloud costs and benefits.

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Need to avoid cloud

Keep your options open. Maintain operational agility with a vendor-agnostic, multi-cloud strategy.

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Need to manage uncertainty in a shifting technology landscape?

Plan ahead by making “future-proofed” technology choices. Accommodate unforeseen change by maintaining flexible operational infrastructure.

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Painless cloud integration
...at your own pace

Elastifile delivers the benefits of public cloud without a massive, disruptive IT uplift. Leverage the benefits of cloud, at your own pace, and with no modifications to existing workflows or applications.

See how CloudConnect enables seamless, cost-effective cloud integration.

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Learn how cloud scalability can reduce IT processing costs.

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Cost-effective cloud integration

Elastifile enables cost-effective cloud-integration. Minimize IT spend with elastic infrastructure and efficient data management.

Freedom of choice

Elastifile enables multi-cloud architectures. Don’t get locked in to any one cloud vendor...maintain flexibility to select and change clouds based on workflow requirements.

“Future-proofed” infrastructure

Elastifile was built to last. Our software-defined, scalable, cloud-agnostic architecture was designed to handle the dynamic nature of modern IT and cloud technology.

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