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With Elastifile, organizations can easily manage and scale data-centric workflows in AWS. Deployable in minutes via AWS Marketplace, Elastifile delivers turnkey, cloud-native enterprise storage solution...designed and optimizied for public cloud.


Elastifile provides the scalability necessary to support dynamic business requirements in the cloud era. Users can start small and scale storage elastically and on-demand to align capacity, performance, and cost to the real-time needs of their business.


Elastifile is designed and optimized for cloud. Our software-defined architecture integrates the cloud-native components of public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), delivering seamless support for single- or multi-zone deployments in any cloud region.

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Elastifile enables broad enterprise cloud adoption by augmenting AWS with cloud-native, scalable, enterprise file storage. With data seamlessly accessible via standard protocols in the POSIX-compliant Elastifile Cloud File System, organizations can run existing applications in AWS seamlessly and with no requirement for costly and time-consuming workflow refactoring.

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