The First Fully-Managed,
Scalable File Storage Service
On Google Cloud

Experience the simplicity of turnkey “File storage-as-a-Service”

Scalable File Storage
For The Public Cloud

Reliable, cost-effective NFS made simple.
Deploy in minutes with just a few clicks.

Simplify SAP Cloud
Migrations With Reliable
Enterprise File Storage

Elastifile enables seamless "lift and shift" to cloud-based SAP infrastructure

Accelerate Media Pipelines
With Cloud-Integrated
Rendering and Transcoding

Elastifile enables practical, cost-effective cloud bursting workflows

Need Scalable NFS in the cloud?

Trying to burst applications to GCP/AWS/Azure?

Integrate Cloud With Ease

Powered by a cloud-scale distributed file system, Elastifile's data fabric enables seamless
consumption of cloud resources, allowing users to dynamically accelerate and expand their IT capabilities.
With flash-native, scale-out performance, every workload’s data is now available to use without needing to ask for it, wait for it,
or copy it across the network. How do we do it? It's simple: no-compromise performance, enterprise-class and
file-centric data services, and true software-only flexibility.

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    Free from any legacy constraints, we built a new file system from scratch. Introducing the Elastifile Cloud File System™ - natively engineered for the cloud era. It’s based on the most practical and easy-to-use data structure: the file. It also integrates seamlessly with object, to easily enable any and all workloads. The Elastifile Cloud File System is flash-native, with a patented, distributed metadata model that enables consistent, linear, low-latency performance at scale. It is what storage and data management should have always been: user-centric, simple, and hardware- and location-agnostic.
    Meet true BYOH. Elastifile frees IT admins from having to micromanage so many storage islands, so they can start focusing on what matters most: the data. No more SLA concerns regarding performance or availability. Gone are the tedious infrastructure hassles. By having Elastifile unify all storage islands into a single data fabric, IT admins can now manage and control data globally, from a single pane of glass. Elastifile is here to make you look like a data hero.
    When data and applications can move freely across sites and clouds, business users are able to collaborate for truly agile and dynamic workflows. Imagine cloud-integrated analytics, follow-the-sun DevOps, geo-clustering across ROBO sites, and dynamic multi-site ILM. This is about way more than "storage".
    Being locked to a vendor and paying massive premiums for unused overcapacity has long been accepted as a necessary evil to doing business. Not anymore. Elastifile is ringing in a new data democracy. We want our clients to have the flexibility to do business on their terms. Elastifile combines infrastructure elasticity with pay-as-you-grow subscription pricing. For the first time, IT Managers can reap the benefits of a scalable, enteprise-grade cloud file system, with flexibile OpEx-style pricing.

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