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File Storage

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NFS. Multi-zone. Any region. High availability.

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Cloud Integration Made Easy

Elastifile solves the data challenges associated with cloud integration, empowering you to burst or "lift and shift" with ease.

Bring Existing Workflows to Cloud without Refactoring

Cloud-native support for standard storage protocols (NFS) provides seamless compatibility with existing applications. Full enterprise feature-set delivers the functionality and relaiblity required for cloud-integration of business-critical workflows.

Eliminate Storage Management Complexity

Natively integrated UIs, monitoring, and billing dramatically simplify cloud storage management. Seamless scalability enables on-demand storage right-sizing...providing flexibility to match dynamic business requirements.

Reduce Cloud Costs with Intelligent Data Management

Cloud-native architecture blends best aspects of cloud to deliver optimized user experience with lowest cost. Automated data tiering enables cost-effective primary storage and ultra low-cost snapshots.

Elastifile at a Glance


Elastifile simplifies the journey to cloud by augmenting public cloud capabilities with scalable, cloud-native enterprise file storage. We see data as the key asset of businesses and organizations and, therefore, provide solutions enabling efficient management and analysis of data in the cloud era.

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Elastifile delivers a variety of flexible pricing options, including a fully-managed cloud-native service, enabling organizations to efficiently align costs with business needs.

Featured Solutions

Kubernetes Storage

Solution Brief - Scalable Persistent Data Storage for Container Workflows

Many enterprises are turning towards container technologies as the preferred method to efficiently support their dynamic business process requirements. However, though powerful orchestration tools (e.g. Kubernetes) have emerged to facilitate easy management of containerized applications, data management solutions have lacked corresponding features and flexibility…until now.

This solution brief describes how Elastifile’s high-performance, distributed file storage delivers persistent, scalable, highly-available, shared access to business-critical container data.

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SAP Cloud Migration

Blog - Running SAP Applications in Google Cloud with Elastifile

Hundreds of companies have been running SAP infrastructure on-premises for decades as a key component of their business processes. Now, with the public cloud transforing the way IT is run, many companies are starting to migrate existing SAP workloads to the public cloud, while also developing new cloud-integrated workloads.

This blog discusses the key considerations when migrating or deploying SAP applications in the public cloud, focusing on data migration, compute, storage and DR with Elastifile Cloud File System (ECFS). Elastifile’s solution offers the ideal enterprise-ready cloud file system environment for running SAP applications in the cloud…and without any refactoring of the SAP applications.

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Media & Entertainment

Tutorial - Burst Rendering Jobs to Public Cloud and Accelerate Media Workflows

To maintain relevance in the hypercompetitive media industry, organizations strive to continuously release quality content. As a result, production teams are under immense pressure to reduce the time from idea to finished product. Managing data-intensive rendering workloads can be especially challenging due to their bursty
nature and peak rendering loads can quickly saturate on-premises render farms. Lacking sufficient resources, these workloads often become the bottlenecks in time-sensitive production pipelines.

This tutorial explains how Elastifile enables cloud-integrated media rendering and provides step-by-step instructions for implementing and testing a cloud-integrated render farm.

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