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What would it mean for your IT mission and your business if you could get all the elastic scalability and linear performance benefits of the public IaaS clouds for your on-premises data? What would it mean if you could unbundle your data from its underlying infrastructure so any user for any workload could access it at any time on any site or cloud infrastructure –  without rearchitecting your applications?

Elastifile provides the first-ever hybrid cloud data infrastructure, enabling unprecedented consolidation and self-service workflows across private and public clouds. Your  application, analytics, and infrastructure teams can manage data across complex workflows with the simplicity and control of a single global namespace.

Cloud Scale Elasticity


All this is enabled by the Elastifile Cloud File System–a breakthrough application-level distributed file/object system.  This elastic, scale-out software-defined solution brings
  • All the advantages of public IaaS to the data center
  • All the enterprise data services to the hybrid cloud

Combining the availability and data services of enterprise storage with the agility, multi-tenancy and cost-efficiency of webscale architecture, Elastifile delivers flash performance to any and all consolidated workloads, dramatically reducing CAPEX and OPEX for enterprises and service providers.

Freedom of Choice

Provides flexibility to
choose your own hardware

Deployable Across
On-Premises and Cloud

Seamlessly supports
virtualization, bare metal, and cloud

Enables Converged and
Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Unified cluster architecture
aggregates capacity & performance

Delivers Flash Performance
to New Use Cases

Extends all-flash benefits
to file and block use cases

Precise Storage Analytics
and Quality of Service Controls

Provides granular
data visibility and control

Minimizes Total
Cost of Ownership

As low as 1/6 the
cost of external all-flash arrays

Unified Data Access


As enterprises strive to optimize the performance and efficiency of their business processes, they increasingly need to leverage both on-premises and cloud-based resources.  Elastifile’s revolutionary hybrid cloud data infrastructure was designed to meet this challenge and provides seamless data access and sharing between environments.  By unifying data within the single global namespace of a global file/object system, Elastifile provides every user and application with on-demand access to all data, regardless of location.  The resulting gains in performance and agility deliver transformative value for a wide variety of use cases.

Seamless Hybrid Cloud Workflows

Unifiy cloud and on-premises data within a single global namespace

Relational & NoSQL Databases

Provide elastic, fault-tolerant infrastructure for mission-critical databases

Big Data & Analytics

Ingest, consolidate and analyze data across environments


Enable high-performance, file sharing between virtual desktop instances

High Performance NAS

Deliver low-latency shared access to large files and/or many small files

Consolidated, Mixed-Workload Virtualization

Support a broad mix of workloads while ensuring high, consistent Quality of Service

All-Flash Performance


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